Sunday, August 2, 2009

Night Light

Stephen took these beautiful pictures of the pottery at dusk a few weeks ago on a humid August evening.

I love the way the light bounces of the beams of the barn, and how the inside of the structure shines like a beacon from the road.

Even as night falls over Cornwallville, you can still read the white pottery sign from the giant maples at the roadside. As one gets closer walking up to the entrance, the porcelain pots blur and glow with the saturated light from inside.

One of my favorite new works that I have done this past year, is this hanging porcelain pendant lamp. I made five of these rather long thrown cylinders with holes in the bottom for cords. I threw them as thin as I could on the wheel, for porcelain becomes translucent the thinner it is.

Unfortunately this piece was the only one of the five that was tall enough to fit both the lamp fixture and bulb.
I will be making more of these this coming fall, playing with the shape, and texture of the lamps to cast off different types of light.

I just imagine a dozen of these luminaries strung in the woodland at night. It would give either a haunting or magical feeling to the viewer, depending on the mood.

I have always loved this feed trough built into the one corner of the barn. I suspended a light up inside before the opening of the pottery and I love the way the light shines through. I am still thinking of how to display work inside the lit wooden slats, as I believe it would be a great space to showcase.

Finally these are a couple of shots of the north side of our home, The M.H. Merchant Stone House. Stephen installed the up lights on the stone almost a year ago.

I never tire of staring each night at the amazing craftsmanship and simple beauty of our home.

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  1. I know it's been awhile since you've posted. I hope you get this note. Let me introduce myself, I am the woman who desperately wanted this house. I'd asked to see it six months earlier and the RE broker discouraged me from seeing it...but I couldn't get the listing out of my head. So I then took myself to see it by myself and nearly passed out when I first saw its beauty. I was devastated to learn that you had just gone to contract that very week. It will always be "the one that got away" for me. That said, I'm glad you're loving it - Stephen, too - and have done such a thoughtful job of preserving its primitive beauty (as I would have done, too). When I visit the area, I always drive by "The Stone House" and seeing the house from the road never fails to make me gasp out loud...that stonework and setting truly takes my breath away every single time. It is such a proud structure, truly regal in its simplicity. I've seen it in all seasons, and in all seasons it is breathtaking. I can still smell the fragrance of those many lilac trees (lilac is my favorite) and I hope, hope, hope that you've not taken them out!! I wish you much happiness there! And I love your pottery! Best always, Ginny