Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sounds At The Studio, Autumn

There has always been a connection for me between music and my art. I have music playing in the studio constantly; as it affects my mood, disposition, and what I am creating.

It is with this love of music and art that I have decided to post a new series titled "Sounds At The Studio". The series will give you a sampling of what I am listening to and show you some of the creative results.

This first compilation; I have been playing in the pottery while I have been creating objects out of cement. I am planning on doing a post soon on this new creative endeavor, so check back some time soon for my "concrete adventures".

For now please take a listen to this first installment of Sounds At The Studio, and let me know what your thoughts and feelings are after listening.

Please enjoy!

P.S. The first and third photos are taken of the pottery circa autumn 2008.

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