Sunday, April 5, 2009

Faux Woodblocks

Unfortunately nothing happened at the pottery this weekend. A matter of fact, nothing outside took place. It was cold here in Cornwallville. The temperature was in the low forties with a biting wind that was carrying snow flurries.
We spent the weekend inside ''spring cleaning'', finishing floors, dusting, scrubbing, an all out deep clean. As night fell, the temperature dropped into the thirties. It felt like winter again, so I started the wood burning stove in the library, late in the afternoon to keep us warm through the night.
After a comforting supper of baked chicken and smashed potatoes, I sat down in my chair by the fire and got back into my favorite winter night activity; drawing on wood blocks.

I started these landscape line drawings several years ago on one hot summer day. It was one of those humid afternoons that you didn't feel like even moving.
I came a across a piece of wood on the ground, grabbed some markers and began sketching out a fantasy garden in the comfort of the shade. Several hours later, and a pitcher of lemonade; and my little drawing was complete.
There was a great response to the piece from family and friends. People would walk up to it at first, not sure how it was created. Many thought that the lines were carved into the wood, when I told them I drew it with markers most were amazed.

So, this past winter I gathered some old wood blocks from inside the turkey coop and got to work. I would sit by the fire; usually after some sort of hearty meal, and begin drawing. I completed several pieces over the course of the long cold season, and would typically finish one drawing in the span of a weekend. There are now about ten of these little landscapes scattered about the house.

It was a great way to pass time during the frigid nights. It helped to remind me of the coming spring, as I sat there drawing leafed out trees and flower covered meadows. When the beating heat of summer does comes, I predict that the drawings will commence on the cool confines of the veranda.

These pieces will be moved down to the pottery as soon as it opens. I think they will complement my ceramic work; and I hope that people will like to bring a little faux woodblock into their home as well.

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